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'Consumers make buying decisions based around the perception of the brand rather than the reality of the product.
While this means brands can be become more valuable than their physical assets, it also means they can lose their value overnight.'

Haigh, M.

Last week I had my first branding meeting with the director of JJ Marshall Associates Jethro Marshall at their studio on Swanfield Street in East London.
Although Marshall works with Levis & Wrangler on most of their seasonal campaigns, he discussed how difficult it can be for his agency to attract new clients because most big brands have in-house teams that deal with all of their marketing and promotions, and emphasised the importance not only to be developing conceptual thinking skills but also to be regularly working with both typography and photography.

Me: Do you believe most brands remain fixated on yesterday’s problem – consistent reproduction across media?

Jethro: Yes I do brands have to be alive to change for new branding and communication environments, whilst keeping a consistent tone of voice and recognizable identity.

Me: Do you think brand's marketing strategies are becoming more about engaging the consumer with a narrative with vlogging and youtube making more of an online presence?

Jethro: In short yes, though engagement & seduction have always been the benchmarks of advertising & communication.

Me: Would you agree that a lot of brands seem to employ ubiquitous communication strategies?

Jethro: In old product sectors, yes, where they need to differentiate. In new product/ service areas the comms are better.