Encompassing everything from traditional screen printing, risograph printing (a technique developed in Japan in the late 1980s) through to amazing  paper-crafts which transformed flat-plane illustration into stunning 3D miniature dioramas, Pick Me Up presented a most eclectic and enjoyable mix.


Founded by Gemma Shiel way back in 2001, Lazy Oaf, famous for their screen-printed clothing and vast range of accessories, teamed up with some of their favourites. Artists like Kyle Platts, Dominic Kesterton and Jiro Bevis designed a capsule collection of clothing in A F.U.N Project (an abbreviation for Apathetic, Funny, Ugly but Nice).


The Pick Me Up Platform, a programme of events consisting of lots of talks, debates and demonstrations, DJs and games, provided an alternative to the wide variety of art displayed amidst the bustling gallery space and conspired with all the other ingredients to make Pick Me Up one of the UK’s most significant graphics festival