Joseph Botcherby Babes


- Art Direction

- Editorial Design

‘Babes’ has slipped into everyday slang in young straight and gay communities alike. It’s one of the rare terms that are largely gender-neutral, employed to refer to everyone from friends, to casual hookups, to committed partners.

This project satires subversive ‘masculine’ gay culture, masculine identity and colloquialisms currently found in the queer millennial community. The branding of the casualwear, stickers, condoms and social media/website plays with colour/gender semiotics and is often tongue-in-cheek.

The promotional campaign is primarily led by posters plastered throughout Europes’s cities with the biggest gay scenes, a website/webstore design concept plus of course a heavy social media presence.


Babes Instagram Joseph Botcherby
Babes Instagram Joseph Botcherby
Babes Instagram Joseph Botcherby
Babes Condoms Joseph Botcherby


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