This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to the presentation Danish label Soulland at St George’s Bloomsbury in London. Dubbed “Exotic/Erotic,” the presentation heavily referenced the iconic music scene in Manchester throughout the early nineties; a gritty northern culture where music & football became compliments rather than contradictions.

Rather than implementing the inspirational theme at a consistent level across all styles & garments, the “Exotic/Erotic” theme was used as a guideline, allowing room to incorporating non-related ideas. The result; beautiful jacquard-woven jackets, Teflon coated parkas, cable knits, leather pilot jackets, slogan jerseys and Harris Tweed macs. Adding an interactive element, the crew produced an app, transforming the green screen backdrops into a whirl of rave-kid imagery. “An accolade to emotions of love, to emotions of loyalty and to the art of romanticising the ordinary,”